Education and Outreach Committee

A Brief History of the Education and Outreach Committee

This standing committee was created in 2018 to provide greater consistency among education and outreach messaging in the west and assist on any WRP-related outreach documents. The committee serves as a reference group for other committees, workgroups and the Executive Committee. They are available for feedback on education and outreach ideas from western partners.

The Education and Outreach Committee is chaired by Monica McGarrity of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Goal of the Education and Outreach Committee
  • Committee can serve as a sounding board for any WRP member that is creating new outreach/education products
  • Seaplane outreach-determine what outreach items exist
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee for consistent imaging messaging and imaging-branding for WRP documents

Education and Outreach Resources

The WRP is a subcommittee of the federal aquatic nuisance species task force: