Annual Meetings

Coming Together to Plan for the Future of Invasive Species Management in the West

The Western Regional Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species gathers every year at the Annual Meeting to address the spread of invasive species in the waters of the Western US. The WRP Annual Meeting brings together the public and private sectors in the form of researchers, industry representatives, agency representatives, and legislators to discuss invasive species management. During the three-day event, attendees will witness a number of presentations on the latest research and solutions related to the spread of AIS.

The first Annual Meeting took place in 1997 in Portland, OR. Though the focus of AIS research and development has changed over the years, the Annual Meeting manages to include the most innovative and forward thinking research in the region.

The first day of the Annual Meeting is focused on committee breakout sessions, allowing for time to plan action items and reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. The next two days are highlighted by presentations, and a business meeting during which everyone is brought up-to-date on the official business of the WRP. On the final day, attendees are invited to join a field trip which focuses on local AIS issues and exploring the area.

Tacoma Washington Annual Meeting 2018

Every year the Western Regional Panel On Aquatic Nuisance Species comes together to discuss innovation and research in addressing the spread of invasive species across the western US.