Seaplane Inspection and Decontamination Workgroup

A Brief History of the Seaplane Workgroup

Western states have been in communication regarding the increasing pressure to maximize seaplane access to new waters, and to also have in place procedures similar to watercraft inspection and decontamination, which will reduce the risk of seaplanes introducing zebra or quagga mussels or other aquatic invasive species into those new locations.  In January 2018, the WRP Executive Committee created this committee to address seaplane inspection and decontamination.  The committee accomplished their identified goals and is currently dormant until new actions arise.

Goals of the Seaplane Workgroup
  • Create a standard inspection protocol that is accepted for use in the Western USA
  • Create a standard decontamination protocol that is accepted for use in the Western USA
  • Create a standard training requirements and quality control requirements for seaplane inspection and decontamination programs that are adopted for use in the West
  • Determine a list of research needs related to AIS and seaplane risk as a vector of spread
  • Determine a list of outreach and inreach needs related to SID

Seaplane Workgroup Resources

The WRP is a subcommittee of the federal aquatic nuisance species task force: