Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Committee

The Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Committee (also known as the Decon Think Tank) is focused on refining, improving, troubleshooting and sharing the best possible techniques related to watercraft inspection and decontamination programs. The committee participants are highly-skilled technical experts on the watercraft decontamination process.

The Decontamination Think Tank Committee is chaired by Robert Walters of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

    Committee Goals

    1. Create a forum for front line staff supervising and operating WIDS to communicate, share information, develop relationships and solve problems collectively, contributing to the overall knowledge base on decontamination and building leadership within AIS programs and the WRP.
    2. Develop standard specifications for trailered and skid-mounted AIS decontamination units for use at Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination (WID) Stations.
    3. Create an online forum for dialogue, information sharing and problem solving.
    4. Develop standard specifications for a new type of decontamination unit which is operated with hot water heaters and not pressure washers.
      1. Develop specifications for a mobile version of this system.
    5. Gather ideas (challenges and innovations) from WID stations and move them to either ABYC PTC or another appropriate venue for discussion.
    6. Brainstorm and test options to improve decontamination of ballast tanks from infested waters.