eDNA Workgroup

A Brief History of the eDNA Committee

This Workgroup was created by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the WRP membership at the annual meeting in Tacoma, WA on October 25, 2018.  Adam Sepulvada (USGS) volunteered to Chair the Workgroup and a signup was placed for volunteers to participate. The committee will closely work with the WISCE organization.

Adam Sepulveda of the USGS is chair of the eDNA Workgroup.

Goal(s) of the eDNA Committee
  1. Host a webinar (or series of webinars) to educate WRP members as to what eDNA is and how it is being used in Dreissenid management in the Western USA; and the current state of the science
  2. Draft a white paper on eDNA (essentially update the old ISAC white paper) for WRP specific to Dreissenids which provides definitions needed to understand how managers should interpret eDNA results
  3. Draft a list of research or development projects related to Dreissenid eDNA as a reference for directing future efforts to meet management needs and further science collectively
  4. Develop standard field protocols for collection of eDNA samples for Dreissenids
  5. Develop standard lab protocols for analysis of eDNA samples for Dreissenids

eDNA Resources

  • eDNA Webinar
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